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At the International Centre for Ecopsychology, we take an evidence based approach to highlight the links between Nature, people and wellbeing.

International Centre for Ecopsychology 


The International Centre for Ecopsychology has been launched to further research into the links between Ecopsychology, health and wellbeing. (The centre changed its name from Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing on 6/3/21.)


We provide an ecopsychology coaching service.


Marselle, Irvine and Warber (2014) undertook a large-scale study examining group walks in nature and multiple aspects of wellbeing. They found that group walks in nature were associated with significantly lower depression, perceived stress and negative affect, as well as enhanced positive affect and mental wellbeing,

Ecopsychology Research Hub

The International Centre for Ecopsychology has launched an Ecopsychology Research Hub. This is an on-going project were we will list relevant ecopsychology papers, chapters and books.


So what is Ecopsychology? 


Ecopsychology applies ecological and psychological theories and research methodology to study the relationship between people and the natural world. There is a focus on wellbeing. (Palmer, 2014).

Ecocoaching and ecotherapy are applied fields of ecopsychology. 

What is ecoanxiety?

Ecoanxiety: can be defined as a chronic fear of ecological and environmental disaster.

Ecopsychology workshop

Professor Stephen Palmer will be giving a webinar in 2021 about Ecopsychology.
Date: TBC for 2023


Get Involved

The Centre runs a facebook group and community for anybody with an interest in ecopsychology. We share links to research, articles and news items. We also upload or link to photos of nature that are uplifting. Please consider joining or following them. 

Facebook websites:


Ecopsychology and Wellbeing Group

International Centre for Ecopsychology facebook page


Researchers, practitioners and academics may be interested in reading articles on ecopsychology.


There are a number of journals that publish papers in this area. See:

a) Ecopsychology

b) European Journal of Ecopsychology

c) Journal of Ecopsychology.

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