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Journal of Ecopsychology

               ISSN: 2752-5260

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​The Journal of Ecopsychology (JoE) is a peer reviewed journal launched in 2021. The journal publishes papers on the theory, research and practice of all aspects of ecopsychology. 


The Journal of Ecopsychology editorial team invite papers on the theory, research, philosophy and practice of Ecopsychology. This includes papers on the human-nature relationship, Biophilia hypothesis, Biophilic building and office design, Biophilic Cities, climate coaching, nature powered coaching, eco-wellbeing, eco-health, climate crisis, shinrin yoku, green and blue exercise research, and other areas that can be informed by Ecopsychology. Articles on conservation and environmental psychology are also invited.


Editorials are written by the editors on topics of general interest or journal policy. Perspectives, leading articles, invited papers and keynote speeches maybe commissioned from experts in the ecopsychology and applied fields.


The journal is published by the National Wellbeing Service Ltd and sponsored by the International Centre for Ecopsychology. 


Journal of Ecopsychology.

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