National Wellbeing Service

The National Wellbeing Service (NWS) has been set up by a group of psychologists and health educators who want to provide up-to-date wellbeing-related information, guidance and research to the public and health professionals.


The key objects for which the National Wellbeing Service is established are:

3.1.1 The provision of an online national wellbeing information service.
3.1.2 The provision of the training, education and professional development of health professionals and affiliated fields and all related services and facilities.
3.1.3 The provision of training and consultancy services for companies, organisations and the community.


The NWS publishes information newsletters/magazines and in 2016 is launching a number of academic journals related to the wellbeing field. The Centre for Ecopsychology and Wellbeing is part of a group of organisations focusing on different aspects of health and wellbeing. 

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